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We use bioluminescence as a model phenomenon to develop interdisciplinary curricula, resources, and education outreach events for all educational levels and backgrounds. Using bioluminescence, our hub provides an example of how a unifying concept can be used to bridge disciplinary boundaries, while illustrating core ideas in STEM content and practice.

What is Bioluminescence?
What is Optogenetics?

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Join the NSF NeuroNex Bioluminescence Hub Junior Trainee Club

Join our Neuroscience team! Complete these modules to learn STEM concepts and gain the scientific skills necessary to be an official Junior Trainee of the NSF NeuroNex Bioluminescence Hub team. This content covers an introduction to what our researchers do, “cold light,” and the captivating world of bioluminescence. Students will have the opportunity to observe glowing creatures and materials and learn how these natural lights can illuminate paths of discovery in the brain.

These activities are recommended for ages 9-14 with the guidance of an educator, parent, or guardian.

Welcome to the Team!
Doing Science
Cold Light
Tell Me More About Bioluminescence
Glowing Creatures
Science and Creativity

Bioluminescence Hub Dive

Ready to explore the depths of the ocean in search of bioluminescent creatures? Learn about the submersibles used on these expeditions and encounter creatures more bizarre than the mind can imagine. Join us if you dare...

What Glows There?
The Dive

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What Glows There?
Who Glows There?
Glowin' Growin' Fungi
Make it Glow

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Bioluminescence Throughout Time

From the depths of the ocean to the wilderness of the forest, from prairie fields to the darkest caves, bioluminescence is everywhere. We are not the first group to be interested in bioluminescence; this phenomenon has captivated artists, scientists, and casual naturalists for as long as humans have recorded their observations. Explore the timeline below to learn more about a few milestones in the study of bioluminescence. Should we add something? Let us know!

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